Vietri Warehouse Sale

Have you guys ever heard of Vietri?

It is the name of a company started by two sisters that after a trip to Italy in 1983 decided they wanted to import the Italian dinnerware that crossed their path and become wholesalers, selling to stores across the US. You can read more about their story here. Here are some of their awesome collections:

My Morning Coffee- Vietri-Campagna-Pesce (Fish)

Campagna- Pesce (Fish)

My Morning Coffee- Vietri- Bellezza White

Bellezza White

My Morning Coffee- Vietri – Incanto Aqua

Incanto Aqua

My Morning Coffee- Vietri- Blu Mare

Blue Mare

They have so many other beautiful dinnerware collections, along with glassware, flatware, lighting, table linens, home decor, the list goes on…

You can purchase their items on their website, in various stores across the country, or at their outlet store (which happens to be only an hour away in Hillsborough, North Carolina).

If you clicked on any of the links above you might have noticed that their pieces are a little pricey. Definitely worth the price because of the quality and craftsmanship but also definitely out of my price range currently. This is why I attend their biannual warehouse sale where you can find discontinued, slightly flawed and unique sample products for up to 80% off retail. This weekend just happens to be one of those sales…

My Morning Coffee- Vietri Warehouse Sale

The warehouse sale is a two day sale. They save pieces for Sunday, so don’t worry if that is the only day you can attend. If you want to be one of the first people in the door you can get a numbered ticket. Tickets are available on their website starting at 7am the Friday before, first come, first serve. I believe the numbered tickets are so that they don’t have people lined up over night to be the first ones in the door, that is how great the deals are. The tickets are great because you can arrive 15 minutes before 8am and get in line based on your number. Tickets are not required, you just won’t be able to enter until after the ticket holders enter.

They have thought of everything regarding convenience. They have shopping carts, packing material, boxes, outdoor checkout to keep down on the crowding, they have it all.

The first sale I went to was a little overwhelming. There are some determined ladies there! My strategy is to just pick up anything that you might consider buying and put it in your cart. Before you check out you can decide which items you need to put back on the shelf. Always man your cart, like I said, some ladies are determined. One day I hope I am one of the ladies that I see wheeling out carts full of dishes, like whole sets. It would be so satisfying to have a whole set of their beautiful dishes at your house that you paid less than half of the retail price for. Deals get me so excited! Check out the Vietri Blog for more tips and strategies.

Here are some of the items I’ve bought in the past…. (Side note, I’ve bought some beautiful pots, but they are currently getting ready for spring and not picture ready.)

My glass pitcher… (BTW.. those are my new marble fruit I bought at Slate last weekend.)

My Morning Coffee- Vietri Pitcher

Some swirl glasses… sadly, a few have been lost of the years…

My Morning Coffee- Vietri Glasses 2

So.. last year I bought a full set of honeycomb type glasses (8 big and 8 small for just $32)

My Morning Coffee- Vietri Glasses 1

Fruit bowl..

My Morning Coffee- Vietri Fruit Bowl

Serving dish for dips and such..

My Morning Coffee- Vietri Dish

One of my favorite multipurpose bowls..

My Morning Coffee- Vietri Bowl

Glass decorative bottle..

My Morning Coffee- Vietri Bottle

and my absolutely favorite salt and pepper shakers!

My Morning Coffee- Vietri Salt and Pepper

If you’ve never gone to the warehouse sale before, I would highly recommend it. If you can’t make it this weekend, the outlet store is open year around, so if you ever travel through Hillsborough, NC you should stop by.

Anyone planning on going this weekend? Anyone have any Vietri pieces that you love?